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The branch of Administrative law is practiced by limited figures in the country since it is of recent origin, more or less. As a note, this law relates to the control of governmental power, being the body of general principles, which govern the exercise of powers and duties by public authorities. This piece of law results from the constitutional mandate as enshrined in Article 27 of the Constitution of our country.

Rule of law eschews arbitrariness or decision according to whim or caprice of authority which flows from the guarantee of equality before law and equal protection of law embodied in Article 27 of our constitution. It thus comprehends the governmental action according to law and within their prescribed bounds and it would not suffice to say that the sovereign’s will has the force of law but that law can be tested on the touchstone of reasonableness. In order to conform to Article

27 it must be right and just and fair and not arbitrary, fanciful or oppressive. Thus all powers must be exercised in a reasonable manner and only to effectuate the purpose for which it is enforced. Thus, our chamber has advanced its best industry for the cases triable in the Administrative Tribunal. While there are a few lawyers who are appointed with dealing such a case, we have developed a dedicated team of lawyers who will attend your problem with great care.

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