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Our Bankruptcy and Restructuring practice is active in the largest and most complex bankruptcy cases and corporate restructurings in Bangladesh. Our attorneys have represented stakeholders at every level of the capital structure, including secured and unsecured lenders, bondholders, trade creditors, equity holders, as well as statutory.

The practice draws on the depth and prowess of the firm’s talented and experienced trial lawyers, enabling us to provide superior client service in the most contentious workouts, reorganizations, and liquidations. In situations where sophisticated investors are competing for a finite pool of assets, the firm is a leading force, providing formidable and proven skills to deliver optimal results. We are uniquely positioned to offer our clients a full range of recovery options through insolvency-related litigation, where our vast experience includes aiding and abetting actions, cash collateral and financing disputes, contested confirmations, fraud claims, inter-company disputes, internal investigations, fiduciary and lender liability claims, and accountability actions.

The group’s client base reflects our focus on vigorously advocating creditors’ rights. They include not only investors in distressed companies but also litigation vehicles formed with the objective of maximizing creditor value.

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