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Law is a profession par excellence. Advocacy is not a trade or business but a profession that requires sound understanding of words and circumstances. As a profession certain standard must be maintained by the Lawyers for the better quality of service to the public. Like others, we also subscribe to the view that “no other profession except Advocacy touches at so many points”. In documentation, drafting plays a very important role in preparation of Deeds, Agreement, applications, and so many related documents. It is the only way through which law and facts put together before the court for just and proper adjudication of the cases. Defective drafting sometimes creates great confusion in the mind of the readers as well as that of the court. Sometimes a document or deed which is not done perfectly give birth to difficulties in adjudicating the real controversies involved in the case. By way of superior quality of drafting the intention of the parties can fairly be presented before the court and the grievance can easily redress. Specialty for drafting needs a great skill which can only be obtained in course of long practice.

The Lawyers Alliance has concentrated over it’s as one of the strongest wings- The Documentation. Literally, the ‘Documentation’ has a technical sense in now a days corporate law practice. Apparently, it’s some sorts of drafting arena. But when the issue is to present a comprehensive & illustrative piece of agreement or deeds which entails the parties to have easy understanding in the meaning and intention of the deed, the word ‘Documentation’ get an extensive meaning which encompass a vital area. It has been observed that the ‘Trend’ of documentation follows some ‘Format’ established by some acknowledged authority. But it should be keep in mind that a ‘Format’ is not an exhaustive device to state the intention of the parties. Therefore, The Lawyers Alliance drawn a dissent note to the effect that like others we do not follow any format discovered by some of law practitioner. We feel proud to declare that formats follow our legal mind and that has brought us a significant position in the arena of corporate law practice. In the name of legal interpretation we do not impose any alien theory to redress our client. We always followed that it is better to let our client know that to what extent his right has got legitimacy. We admire the cautiousness of our client. Our each and every single piece of written art i.e. drafts always go through a strict observation and the quality of diction is scrutinized so that our clients feel happy and secured believing in mind that his intention or his own words have been or being presented in a sound environment of legal sense and sensibility. It is evident to say that each legal paper have its own characteristic which is subject to individual circumstances as well as fact. This is why we feel a ‘Format’ cannot be always treated as a best method for stating the statements the parties have in mind. Moreover, when law is attached to every legal paper, we hold that the Law does not follow the format. Instead format is subject to the prescription of law. We always considered that like others ‘Cut, copy and paste’ is a slipshod manner. It never accelerates the soundness of any draft as because of the words used, or the punctuation, in a draft, if not put on a right comprehension, may sometimes have adverse effect to any parties. Our chamber has always been followed the principal that “let your mind follow the prescription of law, the draft will ultimately get a legitimate version of presentation”. The Documentation wing of the chamber is one of the best team in that sector. To reach such a position we are indebted to our industry and our perseverance to follow the statutory suggestion.

This chamber has high reputation on drafting various legal document like, amongst others,

  • Deed of Mortgage
  • IGPA for Mortgage
  • Further Mortgage
  • Equitable Mortgage
  • Deed of Redemption
  • Cancellation of IGPA
  • Deed of Partial Redemption
  • Deed of Floating Charge
  • Letter of Hypothecation
  • Hypothecation Over Book Debt and receivables
  • Hypothecation over Plant and Machinery
  • Modification of charge document
  • Hypo Sale Power
  • Pari Passu Security Sharing Agreement
  • Assignment for Work Order
  • Letter of Under Taking
  • Term Loan Agreement
  • Power to Take Possession
  • Saf Kabala Deed
  • Power to Sale Vessels
  • Partition Deed
  • Power of Attorney for certain land
  • Heba Deed
  • Lease Deed
  • Deed of House Rent
  • Tripartite Agreement
  • Four partite Agreement
  • Multiparty Agreement
  • Corporate Guarantee
  • MOU
  • Letter of comfort
  • Letter of Satisfaction
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