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With the development of corporate and commercial enterprises in Bangladesh, employment related litigations are in rise in number in recent times. We are one of the premier employment litigation defence firms in Bangladesh. The Lawyers Alliance is blessed with some of lawyers who are fortunate to practice with the precursory lawyer in labour law practice in Bangladesh. While our chamber has crossed a long tenure of practice we have been enriched in dealing with disputes regulated by The Bangladesh Labour Code-2006. Our chamber has a remarkable presence in Labour  Court as well as Labour Appellate Tribunal. The issues we deal with mostly cover every segment of labour law, including, Health and safety, Anti-discrimination, Unfair dismissal, Child labour, Trade unions, Strikes, Lay-out, Service Benefit, Termination, Dismissal and misconduct, Wages and compensation, etc. We have represented employers and employees in many employment cases including sexual harassment, race discrimination and retaliation unlawful discharge, termination, compensation for injury caused by accident, wage & payment issues and also the labour strike, labour dispute and employee retaining related cases. We also recognize that sometimes our clients’ best interests are served by settling cases. Our track record of consistently obtaining defence verdicts is well-known among members of the plaintiffs’ bar, which we believe substantially reduces the amounts of money our clients pay in settlement. We also provide legal services to our clientele by drafting and envisaging various labour law related policies such as Human Resource (HR) Policy, Policy related to provident funds, employee benefit, conflict of interest between employee and employer etc. Our law firm strives to make the best result for our client, be it employee or employer.

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