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In today’s global marketplace, identifying, developing and protecting intellectual property (IP) rights is crucial in establishing and growing a successful business. We provide all kind of IP related legal solutions to our clients with trademark, copyright, patent and trade secret legal issues. From the inception of an idea to the global marketing of products, our lawyers seek to partner with clients to anticipate and minimize future conflicts while maximizing present opportunities. We employ a team approach to each transaction, so the same lawyers that performed a trademark search are also the ones who defend its proprietary rights.

  • We protect and enforce the rights of our software and media firms under both copyright and licensed work agreements.
  • We assist our media and software clients with the maze of regulatory and trademark issues that arise in e-commerce.
  • We prosecute patents for new start-up companies’ and major research universities’ critical biotech and pharmaceutical applications and compounds.
  • We search, secure and enforce the protection of patents, trademarks and copyrights around the world.
  • We defend patent, trademark and copyright suits throughout the country.
  • We appear in arbitration tribunals and enforce our clients’ intellectual property rights.
  • We litigate effectively and efficiently in all forums to enforce and defend intellectual property assets.
  • We perform due diligence in support of mergers, acquisitions and investments and in preparation for commercialization.

Our goal is to remain on the cutting edge of this rapidly changing field to help preserve our clients’ competitive edge.

However, while intellectual property is divided in to two branches, namely industrial property and Copy right, our chamber has extended its services to those companies which are in need of protecting its intellectual property. Since the business and activities of such kind is gradually increasing in Bangladesh, necessity of practicing intellectual property law has been felt over the years. Therefore, our chamber has invested a considerable time to build up a team who are solely specialized in the field of Intellectual Property. Companies with a huge reputation always face a threat that some other person or persons is using the same name with a cunning change which is not identical at the first instance. Therefore, in the name of original reputed company, the vested quarter is making their revenue giving a serious loss to the original one. Thus necessity of intellectual property law practice is considered an integral part by a large sector of company. Our experience has shown that in most of the cases the courts are applying the principal principle with great care so that the injured party suffers no more loss, and consequently be compensated by the infringers. Our chamber has a series of record to keep the right as to intellectual property intact. Most of the cases are regarding Trade mark, Design or patent. We insist our client that whatever the business please make your patent, trade mark or design be registered.

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