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Arife Billah

Head of The Chambers

Bar-at-Law, The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn
Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh
P.G.D.L.  The City University of London
LL.M. University of Manchester
LL.B. University of London
BBA in Finance, Independent University, Bangladesh
MSS in Criminology & Criminal Justice Under Sociology, Dhaka University


When integrity and sincerity osculate each other, success is must. Arife Billah is one of the perfect exemplary persons who has shown such audacity to bridge sincerity and integrity, therefore he has met the outcome- a respectable position in the atmosphere of legal practitioners of the country. It would be an audacity to add any adjective like superb or extraordinary brilliance. But it will show poor understanding as to his capability if we do not say that he has established the legal practice as a medium of engineering the society and to provide remedy at an affordable cost. Arife Billah was called to the Bar by the Honorable Society of Lincoln’s Inn, United Kingdom. Mr. Arife sound academic background includes LL.M. Degree from The University of Manchester. Additionally, he has also obtained LL.B, Postgraduate in Law, M.S.S in Criminology and B.B.A from other renowned Universities of the world. Apart from the experiences of handling court cases, our Head of the Chamber has also been engaged in teaching as a lecturer of North South University, Northern University Bangladesh. Mr. Arife worked in various areas of law, but at the same time has specialization in his chosen areas. He has eminence in conducting banking cases, security documentation, loan syndication, commercial litigation, and intellectual property suits.

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